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Product Features

Rampage Door System™

How it works

Choose the appropriate Rampage Door System™ size for your application. Add trim, paint to any color and add features such as a Diamond Plate overlay for your needs.
Assemble & Install
Assemble and install the Rampage Door System™ on any portable building or shed. The door system comes as a kit and includes easy to follow installation instructions.
Operate Rampage Door System™ easily and with little effort. Rampage Door’s™ spring-loaded counterbalance make opening and closing a snap and supports up to 1500lbs.

Door Parts Included

Rampage Door Red Icon

RAMPAGE Door Laminated Panel

Treated engineered wood that provides durability with cedar-grain texture of natural wood. (Trim not included)
Screw Icon

Hardware Kit

Our hardware kit provides all the necessity items to instal the Rampage Door System.
Spring Red Icon

Door Spring

Stainless Steel heavy-duty door spring to assist with opening and closing.
Piano Hinge Red Icon

Piano Hinge for Transition Plate

A hinge system developed for ease of transition from open to close.
Diamond Overlay Pattern Red Icon

(Optional) Diamond Plate Overlay

Concerned about durability? Our diamond plate overlay is the perfect added protection.

Hardware Included

Door Hinges
(3) 12’’ Heavy Duty Black Rampage Door Hinges.
Lag Bolts
(28) 5/16’’ Lag Bolts With Black Painted Head
#8 1-1/2’’ Screws
(14) #8 1-1/2’’ Black Square Drive Screws
2-1/2" Screws
(17) 2-1/2’’ Black Square Drive Screws
3/4" Screws
(36) 3/4’’ Square Drive Screws
Faux Hinges
(2) 16’’ Black Decorative Faux Hinges
Door Pulls
(2) 10’’, Decorative Black Barn Door Pulls
(2) Cables
Cable Brackets
(2) Cable Brackets, (2) 1/4’’ Steel Pins, (2) Cotter Pins, (4) 3/16’’x1-3/4’’ Lag Bolts
Spring Protective Covers
(2) Orange Protective Covers For Spring
Bar Locks
(2) Black Bar Locks, (2) Pair Keys, (2) Black Bar Handles, (2) 3.5”x6.5” Black Lock Bases
(2) 1’’ Black Rubber Bumpers
Seal Strips
(3) 1’’x3/16’’ Black Neoprene Seal Strips 6‘ Long
Plaque & Labels
Rampage Door Plaque and Spring Warning Labels
Piano Hinge
1-60’’ Black Piano Hinge for Flip-out, Transition Plate
Instruction Manual

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