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What is Rampage?

What is Rampage?

Rampage Door System™
an industry-first ramp & door combination.

The Rampage Door System™ was designed to solve the inconvenience of handling a
heavy, bulky portable ramp. This system opens and closes easily with a spring
assisted lift that saves you time and storage space and can be installed on any portable
building or shed.

Rampage Door System™

How it works

Choose the appropriate Rampage Door System™ size for your application, add your trim to the door panel, and paint to any color.
Assemble & Install
Assemble the hardware and install the Rampage Door System™ on any portable building or shed. The door system comes with the door panel, all door hardware, and includes easy to follow installation instructions.
Operate Rampage Door System™ easily with little effort. Rampage Door’s™ spring-loaded counterbalance make opening and closing a snap and supports up to 1500lbs.

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